Curly Jo

Friday, July 13, 2007

I'm Back!...

...thanks to Pie Factory for the laptop we are looking after at home! So much easier having a computer on my lap rather than trekking up the loft ladder to the home computer in Steve's den. Only problem with having such an accessible link to the net is I am now addicted to facebook. Its great I love it. I'm even gonna try figure out how to put photos on there, how sad am I.

Thanks to all who voted for Evie on ...she's Miss June! Ha. So we've won a little portrait of her, thanks so much. If you haven't had a chance to vote yet she's on there till the end of July. If she's the overall winner for May - July then we get a rather large portrait of her. Ok ok, very shamless plug over.

I've not had a great week, poor Evie was quite miserable on Wednesday which after 7 hours made me quite miserable so poor Steve came home to find both his girls in tears. I've not been too well yesterday and today so had to cancel meeting up with lovely friends and be all cooped up at home. BOR-ING. But a great weekend beckons, hurrah!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Use your vote!

How time flies eh? Can't believe its nearly June already!! Speaking of which, thanks so much to all of you who have voted for little Evie in the photo competition...must stress its not about who is the cutest baby (that would be harsh, poor little things)...its just whos got the most friends and family to vote. We'd win a really beautiful portrait of her which would be lovely.

If you haven't voted yet and have a spare 2 minutes the website is Scroll down the right hand side to the "Baby Competition" link and you'll find Evie in the 0-1yr category for May-July.

Apologies for the shameless plug, I have proud mother syndrome.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Vouge, Vouge, Vouge

How time flies, apologies for the distinct lack of blogging over the past month, I haven't even thought of getting near a computer in the midst of countless mother and baby groups, moving house, planning husbands birthdays, and of course my strict beauty regime which consumes 5 hrs of every day. Now you know my secret.

I took Evie to our first Baby Massage Class this afternoon, complete with relaxing baby classical whale singing, I kid thee not. It was fantastic! Oils and everything. We both loved it and it worked because she promptly filled two nappies with her very own version of peanut butter and slept soundly for the rest of the afternoon. Who's a clever girl.

We then met Daddy and went for an ice-cream and a stroll along the beach...which Mummy accidently on purpose turned into a stroll past the shops and low and behold we saw that the local photography studio is holding a baby competition! What a surprise! Daddy needed absolutely NO persuasion and we're all going along next week for our "studio session". What a classic proud parents stunt. But just look at that little face, who could resist?!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Glorious Day

Wishing all of you a very Happy Easter! It's a beautiful sunny Sunday, the air has that fresh smell, my baby girl is asleep in my arms, and we're soon gonna crack open our Easter egg...what more could I want!?

It's been a fab weekend, see Steve's blog for the goings on. I'd totally forgotten that people get Good Friday and Bank Holidays off work so it was a lovely suprise to have Steve home! Having the Monday off makes it a shorter week too so its just great all round.

Evie and I went to Westwood Cross and Primark with Sarah and Faye on Thursday, cos it was half term Primark was rammed, quite an experience with a pram! We bouught Daddy a Tshirt and Evie a really cute skirt, she wasn't too impressed with Primark though and cried a lot. Westwood Cross was better and we found a pretty dress in Mothercare for Mummy to save up for, Uncle Ian and Beth are getting married in June! Evie's first wedding!

Monday, April 02, 2007

tis been a while...

Can't believe how quickly the past month has flown by, its April already! After us all having colds last week things have been back to normal and quite jolly round here. Evie and I had our usual shopping trip with Jo on Friday, then in the evening Evie went over to see Nathan, Harvey, and Ronnie with Daddy while Mummy went round Sarah's with Faye for a lovely girly time.

On Saturday we bundled over to Folkestone to have a little picnic and a walk along the coast, we looked for Dave the Dolphin but he didn't come out to play. I don't think Steve believes that he really exists! Don't worry Dave, he'll believe one day. In the evening we went to the church do at Rodney's where Evie showed a real talent for making lots of noise and getting people to pull really silly faces and make odd sounds to keep her happy. She's one tricksy baby.

Sunday was my Dad's birthday and he and Mum came round for the traditional Dad's birthday meal of roast New Zealand lamb. It was delish and he loved it. Followed by Scrabble and Mum getting the giggles over a teeny bit of Cointreau, it was a fun night.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Brave little girl...

Today I took Evie into town on the bus (I'm a nervous wreck with her on the bus, I'm so certain the buggy brakes are going to give way and she'll sail down the aisle!) and we went to the doctors. It was time for her 8 week check up and she had to have her first jabs. I was fine about her having the injections until I heard another baby absolutely screaming (I mean high pitched, I'm in agony kind of baby screaming) and all of us Mums in the waiting room looked at each other with fear written all over our faces! I was worried then that Evie would really scream, which I've never heard her do and I thought how much it'd freak me out. But my little angel is a brave little soilder, and although she let out a cry that was so long I thought she'd forgotten to breathe, she did brilliantly.

I'm glad its over.

Now I've dosed her up with Calpol and she's sleeping soundly in her Moses basket...apart from when I've been disturbing her every 10 minutes to check whether she has a temperature! Poor child. What am I gonna be like when she's really ill?!

Mum's 60 tomorrow. She and Dad have gone to Italy this morning for a week to celebrate. Too right I say. Bit gutted I won't see her on her birthday or Mother's Day, but we're having a family get together when they get back.

Right, I'm gonna try get some kip while Evie's asleep cos I only got 4 hours last night. Not due to her crying, but to my overactive imagination...I was planning how I want to decorate our new house!!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

I may be this tiny....

...but I'm not just a pretty face...

...they think I'm so cute...

...they haven't seen what's in my nappy yet!